Tomasz Lazar

Theatre of Life

In 2008 Tomasz began working on the long term project entitled Theatre of Life. Through an essay and a series of images he explores the changes in our society occurred by the influence of mass media and technology.

Outline of Theatre of Life :

Historically, Platon developed the notion of Theatrum Mundi – Theatre of the World. A place where a man is only a puppet who plays his role on the stage of life. Directed by the one known as the Creator, Demiurg or God.

Tomasz’ essay hypothesizes that at present this creator is characterized by the mass media and the technology we’re surrounded with and take part in day by day. He suggestests that these forces have an increased impact on our lifes and behavior. This creates a risk for the lines between two worlds to become blurred, making society inable to distinct between the reality and the world created by the media.  Source:

Theatre of Life has been published and talked about in: The New York Times, Ojodepez Magazine, Los Angeles Times, GUP Magazine & Burn Magazine.

This year Theater of Life was shown at Singapore International Photography Festival 2016, Foto Istanbul and Tsbilisi Photo Festival in Georgia.