About Jehan

Jehan Radwan of Swedish and Egyptian decent excels in Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling. Her work speaks for itself. Jehan has attention to detail, an exceptional finesse and eye for beauty with a distinct feel for trends.

Jehan believes, that her work as a Hair and Makeup Artist should always complement and enhance the allure and vision of imagery and stories, rather than just being an entity in itself. Jehan’s career started in special effects before she embarked on her career in the Fashion and Advertising industry.

Many clients swear by Jehan’s expertise in order to create timeless images for their brands. E.g. BADGLEY BENTLEY Perfume, PETER NITZ, MISCHKA, BULGARIE, JOOP, L’OREAL, NIVEA, SONY, SWAROVSKI AND VEUVE CLIQUOT (…) and Publications such as ELLE, GQ, L’OFFICIEL HOMMES, COSMOPOLITAN, JOLIE, LOFT, LOUNGE, NYLON AND PLAZA (…)

Jehan has made some of the most infamous and influential faces of our time glow to their best potential; DEPECHE MODE, PIERCE BROSNAN, PETER LINDBERG, RUN DMC, PAUL VAN DYK, DAVID GARRETT, MICHAEL SCHUMACHER AND ZAC POSEN (…).

Jehan is based in Zurich, Switzerland, from where she is tirelessly jet-setting from Mexico, to New York over to the Maldives and so on, delivering campaign after campaign and editorial after editorial. Jehan truly loves what she does.